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It's nothing fancy, just a video playlist of some great, hard to find videos that are archived on FuckTheJews.com. Now it can also open in an app on your phone, rather than a browser. One nice feature about this app are the included menus that allow you to quickly navigate to different locations and search for videos based on name and content type. There is no data collected and no permissions required from your phone to install and use this app. Links to social media and video sharing platforms, like Gab and Bitchute that are associated with the app are also included in the menus.

Since this app will probably never be accepted by the Google Play Store, keeping notifications enabled will allow you to be informed when an update is ready for install. A link can be found in the app navigation menu that will open the download page in a new browser window, so you can download and install a new update.

Click the download link below to download the latest version of this app!

If you are trying to download this app from the app, you will need to open this page in a browser tab. Find a link in the Navigation menu on the app.

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Current Version v1.4

Once the download is complete, it should try to install automatically. If not, find the download and click on it to start the install. After the install begins, you will probably get a warning about installing an unsigned app like this.

Select to "Install Anyway" to finish installing. There are no permissions needed and no data collected by this app. All it does is open the web site in an app when clicked on.

Perhaps this app isn't the right one for you because of the domain name or images used, but there are several others to choose from that will work exactly the same, but use a different domain name and app icon. Visit the FuckTheJews.com Apps Download & Install Page to see if there is another app that you would prefer instead.

Visit FuckTheJews.com Apps Download & Install Page